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10th Anniversary of Namasté Nepál, z.s.

21/03/2017 22:17

There is one big THANK YOU from Nepali people.

Trainings! Trainings! Trainings!

05/11/2016 22:29

We have done the mason trainigs for one year!
There are 375 trainees!
We did the trainings in 8 localities!
We did the 13 trainings!

Masons training in Nepal

08/02/2016 11:03

How the masons traing passing of? video

PF 2016

02/01/2016 10:33

First masons training in Mahadevtar

21/12/2015 11:06

Why the masons had sat down instead of children in our school?

Training of Trainers by NSET

17/11/2015 15:17

The most effective way of the development support is the education. So we help to nepali masons to obtain the knowledge of the earthquake resistant measures.

Calendar NEPAL 2016

07/10/2015 21:10

Are you already thinking of Christmas presents? We offer our
Calendar NEPAL 2016
Now you can see all the pictures in the photo gallery.


Czech-Nepali-American reconstruction team have started the project

16/09/2015 13:23

We would like to introduce you our Czech Nepalese American reconstruction team. The team is now heading towards Anaikot and Mahadevtar, the villages our project is focused on.

Jaroslav, Subash, Janine and Pujan

Pozvánka na mimořádnou valnou hromadu

08/09/2015 18:00

Rada spolku svolává MIMOŘÁDNOU VALNOU HROMADU členů, která se bude konat dne 8. října 2015 od 18.30 hodin na adrese klubu Rybanaruby, Mánesova 87, Praha 2.


Namasté Nepál na Barevné planetě v Ústí n. L.

01/09/2015 22:33

Podobně jako v uplynulých letech také v sobotu 5. září 2015 na multietnickém festivalu Barevná planeta na Mírovém náměstí v Ústí nad Labem můžete navštívit náš stánek s prodejem zboží z Nepálského obchůdku.

Nepálský deník chválí naši školu v Mahádevtáru

30/08/2015 14:39

Mahádevtárská škola MELA se dostala do jednoho z nejčtenějších internetových deníků v Nepálu.

Schools in Simthalí need to be reconstucted

18/08/2015 14:58

Children in Simthali visit four schools. Some buildings still stand, some have collapsed, actual condition will be assessed by statics experts. Estimated costs to build one new classroom are 180,000 CZK (7,500 USD).

Auspices of the Czech Embassy in Delhi

09/08/2015 15:00

We have long enjoyed the support of the Czech Embassy in Delhi. Our work was mentioned in their article during the visit of the ambassador M. Stašek to Nepal in July (here). Our project to renew villages destroyed by the earthquake is also under the auspices of the embassy.

People from Anaikot already have a roof over their heads

05/08/2015 15:11

Jay Nepal organization bought construction material, transported it to Anaikot and the construction works have started!
One shelter costs 15,000 Nepali rupees, about 3,860 CZK (160 USD).

Statics Survey results of the houses in Simthali

28/07/2015 15:13

Before the earthquake this spring the inhabitants of Simthali lived in 469 houses, there were 4 schools for children and a local health post where people could come to consult their illnesses. The earthquake has changed everything.

Transitional shelters for families in Anaikot

24/07/2015 15:57

We have sent 110,000 CZK (4,585 USD)  to Anaikot village. Jay Nepal, Nepali NGO and our experienced partner, is going to use the money to build transitionaly shelters for 29 neediest families.

How was the MELA school #2 in Nepal built?

27/06/2015 12:29

If you want to see the progress of MELA school #2 in Nepal watch the video from the construction of the school. It´s the second school built based on the MELA project. We are happy to see that it stood the test during the recent earthquake short after being opened.

Exhibition of photographs and pictures painted by children in Zašová Cultural Centre

15/06/2015 16:34

From 15th Jun to 3rd July 2015 the cultural centre of Zašová held a photo exhibition of Dominika Kobzová and Lukáš Bártek from Nepal. During the exhibition there were also presentations on Nepal and the life after the earthquake.

Czech team in Nepal has moved to Anaikot village

15/06/2015 13:30

After hard work in Simthali the Czech team has moved to Anaikot where the first Czech Bamboo School had been built. Although the school itself survived the earthquake, most of the houses of the villagers were either damaged or destroyed.

The Czech team is trying to determine the extent of damage of the buildings

05/06/2015 13:40

The members of Namaste Nepal, volunteer specialists together with a ČRo (Czech Radio) cameraman went to Nepal to assess the actual condition of the buildings in selected mountain villages of the Kavre district. Simthali, Dahoo, Anaikot and Mahadevtar are the focus of our aid.

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