Namaste Nepal

Who we are and what we do

Namasté Nepal is a civic association aiming to provide development, humanitarian, educational and cultural support to the people of Nepal and present the Nepalese way of life to the people of the Czech Republic. The name of the association was inspired by the Nepalese greeting “Namasté” which means “Hello” or “Good morning”.

We are not alone in wanting to help people in Nepal. Similar activities are pursued by DCWC Nepal, our affiliated organization based in Great Britain, and DCWC USA.  And in order to administer effectively our activities in Nepal, there is a third and crucial link of our chain right in the “country surrounded by the Himalayas”: the Nepalese Development of Children and Women Centre Foundation (DCWC). We all share the same values, get inspired by one another’s ideas and draw upon the many years of experience with providing support to the poorest of Nepal.

The activities of our civic association can be grouped into several areas. The most attractive might be the “Smile from Nepal” project.  We actively seek people willing to sponsor the education of a selected child on a regular basis.

Another area we focus on is the general support of education through the “Education for Nepal” project. The aim is to build schools and organize courses of reading and writing for illiterate adult Nepalese as well as computer courses.

Nepal is a country adorned by the Himalayas and above all the most famous and highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest. It is the place where Buddha was born. Nepal is almost twice as large as the Czech Republic and has 28 million inhabitants. Who wouldn’t like to explore it? We can offer you a journey “Through Nepal the Unusual Way”. We are able to provide professional guidance for travellers or connect you alternatively with the Buddha Eye Treks agency which provides even wider range of services. Accepting our offer serves a good cause as the employees of the agency give part of their salary (and some even the lot) to the DCWC Foundation.

Another characteristic activity of our association is selling original hand-made products in our Nepalese shop. The DCWC headquarters in Kathmandu run thangkas workshops for artists and a small factory where Nepalese products are hand-made. This gives poor women without any other chance to earn money a chance to work and make some. The profit from selling these goods in the Czech Republic is than sent back to Nepal and used to finance numerous charity endeavours. Nepalese hand-made products and thangkas can also be bought at various events (exhibitions, lectures and seminars).