Namaste Nepal

Why We Want to Help Nepal

Nepal is one of the twenty poorest countries in the world. Its GDP is approximately twenty-five times lower than that in the Czech Republic. The life expectancy of the Nepali population is about twenty years lower than the Czech people. The illiteracy rate is a massive 60%, which is generally owing to the lack of schools especially in rural mountain areas. Thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of Nepali children are expected to work hard from a very early age and many more are involved in child slavery.
These are the reasons why we focus our development programmes in rural parts of Nepal. Our projects are impassable to many of the popular tourist trails, which are unlikely to ever see any income or prospects from Nepal’s primary industry, tourism.
Therefore our main goal is the construction of new schools, to support children especially those from the poorest of families, who (under normal circumstances) would not be able to afford to have their child educated. With this programme we aim to raise the literacy and numeracy skills of the children, enhancing future job prospects.