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Simthali, is a mountainous village development committee in Kabhrepalanchok District (27°39'04.0"N 85°47'26.4"E) located 50 km to the east of Kathmandu. It is divided into nine units spanning the altitudes between 1.000 and 2.200 meters above sea level.

Before the spring of 2015 the Simthals had 469 inhabited dwellings and had four school buildings, their health issues had been dealt at the local heal camp. The earthquake wiped out almost all of that - 98 % of all the buildings either collapsed or pose an imminent life threat and have to be demolished. Two villagers lost their lives and six were severely injured.

Our forthcoming reconstruction project required much technical expertise to ensure their construction will withstand similar earthquakes and aftershocks. Czech Radio Endowment Fund (donor) decide according to the current situation (government restriction etc.) to distribute eight pieces of the corrugated irons to every household in Simthali (more information here - only in Czech).

Namasté Nepál provide the part of project focused on reconstruction of the school buildings., realization of this part is presumed for the construction season 2016/2017.





 photo: Jaroslav Volšický


Our financial support has been kindly secured from a public collection organised by the Czech Radio Endowment Fund.

Gallery: Assessment in Simthali (June 2015)

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