Namaste Nepal

Quake-Aid – Relief

(i.e. to secure the survival of the people on the spot and help them stand on their own feet)

4 May 2015 send financial assistance of 500.000 CZK (20,835 USD)

7 May 2015 send financial assistance of 100.000 CZK (4,165 USD)

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Our DCWC volunteer’s team, which received a license from the Nepalese government and also technical and human resource support, has distributed tons of food and material assistance (tarpaulins, blankets, water containers, etc.) to remote rural areas in Kabhrepalchok and Sindhupalchok. Part of the team are also Czech volunteers who documented team Relief activities. Most houses in local villages are ruined, others are not safe for using. Our assistance has already been distributed in Koshidekha, about 40 kilometres east of the capital Kathmandu, in Anaikot (Panchkhal) about 25 km east of Kathmandu (there is our bamboo school from 2013, still in good condition).

Realized aid

Area VDC Koshidekha, Kabhrepalanchok:

(dishes for 35 households tents for 28 households, vegetables for 137 households; further 108 pieces of soap, 108 pieces of toothbrushes and paste, 108 packages of biscuits, health care provided to nine persons)

Area VDC Anaikot, Kabhre:

(80 tents, 50 sacks of rice, 125 bags of lentils, 50 liters of oil, 50 bags salt)

Area VDC Nagre Gagarche, Kabhre:

(tents, mats, medicines, rice, lentils, oil, salt, biscuits to 200 households)

Area VDC Ihangpaldhap, Sindhupalchok:

Area VDC Madan Kundari a Kattike VDC Deurali, Kabhre:

(tents for 100 households)

Area VDC Gunsa, Sindhupalchok:

(110 bags of rice, basic drugs - antibiotic ointments, mineral supplements, etc.)

Area VDC Simthali, Kabhre:

(50 tents)

Area VDC Bekhsimle, Kabhre:

(25 tents)

Area VDC Sanu Bangthali, Kabhre:

(25 tents)

Area VDC Gauswara Darga, Ramechhap:

(50 tents)

Area VDC Gauswara, Ramechhap (Chhyarpa school area):

(25 tents)

Area  VDC  Lakhanpur, Ramechhap (Dobla - Seti Lower Secondary School):

(temporary shelters for school)

Area  VDC Banakhu, Kabhre:

(100 bags of rice)

Area  VDC Mahadevtar, Kabhre (Mahadevtar Bamboo school area):

(25 tents)