Namaste Nepal

Why Namaste Nepal conducted awareness about Nepal

When you say Nepal, most Czechs think about the world's highest mountain, Everest, and possibly other towering peaks of the mighty Himalayas. But Nepal is not only the mountains: in the plains, valleys and foothills of the mountains live dozens of Nepalese and Tibetan tribes. Their ramshackle houses crouching on the steep slopes, subdivided into incredible cascades, by terraced fields. It is not hard to win the hearts of Nepalese folk, much harder, however, to understand how it is possible that they are able, with strangers, to divide what little they have. Their way of thinking as well as a distinctive culture and a specific way of life is so different from the standards of our "Western" civilization. That is why one of the objectives of Namaste Nepal is to show people in the Czech Republic how the inhabitants beneath the Himalayas live; their habits, customs, which trades they run and many other attractions. This is done through a variety of lectures, workshops and exhibitions that Namaste Nepal often organizes or participates.