Namaste Nepal

Correspondence With a Schoolchild

Every supporter will receive an official evaluation report ( "school report" ), including information on the child’s behaviour and their status, usually once a year.
Every supporter can also exchange letters, postcards and photos with supported schoolchild.  Each schoolchild will be most pleased if they receive even a short letter, a postcard, your photograph or a small present (we recommend stickers, colouring books etc.) from you. Please do send only small presents, the maximum size of the parcel shouldn’t exceed the size of an A4 envelope.  Please do not send anything larger than that. We can’t guarantee the delivery of larger size items within Nepal. Please bear in mind, that children grow up in very poor conditions and their notion of what life is like in the West tends to be rather skewed. It’s therefore advisable not to mention too many details about  "indulgencies" of western lifestyle, such as overseas holidays, Christmas presents, which you have given or received, or anything about technological advancements of western society. Such information might trigger a burning desire for life in the West and might undermine the sense of belonging to the community, in which they grow up. For the same reason, please do not send children any money or larger gifts and/or do not promise that you will invite them to the Czech republic. Such actions might arouse resentment and envy of other members of the community and might even lead to a schoolchild losing interest in learning (why try to achieve things, if my supporter will take care of everything?). Through our project, we aim to mainly help children to make their life better in their natural environment and society in which they grow up.
Please write your letters in English, if you want to have them translated into English, add the word "translation". Please include the code of the schoolchild in all correspondence, for easier orientation.
You will receive mail from Nepal usually twice a year. Many areas in Nepal are very difficult to access, however, (in most of Nepal territory, the roads are of poor quality and completely impassable during the monsoon period), resulting in mail delays or even mail delivery happening only once a year.
Please send all correspondence to the Namasté Nepál address or to the one of our coordinators and we’ll take care of a safe and speediest delivery possible to Nepal. We would advise you against using official postal services, since they’re not very reliable. Based on our experience, approx 80% of letters sent get lost (especially when it feels to the touch, that there’s something more than just paper inside an envelope) or it’s delivered with a couple of months delay.

Address of the project coordinators:

Namasté Nepál, z.s.
Martina Matuštíková
Čtyřkoly 115
257 22  Čerčany
If you want to send your mail directly to the DCWC in Nepal, please write to:
DCWC (Development of Children and Women Center)
116 Kaser Mahal Marg
Thamel P.O.Box 19093
Kathmandu, Nepal