Namaste Nepal

Why we build new schools

  1. New schools make learning available to children in areas where school either exists in a state of  disrepair, and staying in it endangers the lives of children; or not at all, where the children have to traverse dangerous terrain to attend the nearest school, kilometres away.
  2. By providing communities with schools we can give people, who would otherwise remain totally illiterate, a second chance at a better life; giving them the ability to care for themselves, and their families. This applies particularly in rural areas; where the village community is in fact so poor that the construction or repair of buildings and equipment cannot happen.
  3. Special educational programs, for example computer courses, help to increase the possibility for young people to apply for jobs and to further education.
  4. Existing schools do not conform in many respects to the needs of local people nor the demands of teaching and certainly do not fulfill the idea of schools of the 21st century.
  5. Construction of new schools will support poor rural communities in the actual construction of the school building. Our projects adhere to the principle of maximum involvement of local people. And not only that children can go to school, but their parents get a job and new skills during construction. These can then be used in other projects in their village.

Our school MELA#2 in Mahadevtar

18 new schools for about 2,000 students have been built up until now.

The Schools built up by DCWC:

   school  district



latitude longitude  level  opened
  1  Četana Bhaktapur  16 km V 27°42'54''N 85°29'06''E  1551 17. 7.2004
  2  Táší Bál Kávre  53 km V 27°36'27''N 85°50'25''E  1403  3.12.2004
  3  Kálika Malika
Kávre  56 km V 27°37'15''N 85°51'47''E  1656 30. 4.2006
  4  Támákhání Kávre  54 km V 27°35'40''N 85°51'25''E  1228 13. 4.2007
  5  Batuk Bhairab Makvánpur  28 km JZ 27°33'31''N 85°08'18''E  1710   7. 5.2007
  6  Čauríkhola Kávre  56 km V 27°36'12''N 85°52'03''E  1079 30. 8.2007
  7  Khándádeví Kávre  55 km V 27°35'47''N  85°51'29''E  1392   5. 4.2008
  8  Darka Rámečháp  57 km V 27°36'18''N 85°52'35''E  1405 14. 4.2008
  9  Mádan Kudárí Kávre  52 km V 27°31'18''N 85°48'24''E  1093   9. 5.2008
 10  Teksing/Pundí Rámečháp  56 km V 27°35'37''N 85°51'50''E  1286 26. 8.2008
 11  Setídeví Kávre          3.10.2008
 12  Bokse Kávre  53 km V       20. 4.2009
 13  Khárpání Rámečháp  59 km V       22. 4.2009
 14  Setídeví Rámečháp         29. 4.2009
 15  Pratibha Makvánpur  35 km JZ         7. 5.2009
 16  Baikalpik Kávre           3. 8.2010
 17  Dobla Rámečháp  57 km V       14.10.2011
 18  Čhjárpa Rámečháp  60 km V 27°35'59''N 85°54'13''E  1933  18. 3.2012
 19  Dorkhání Rámečháp  57 km V         1.11.2011