Namaste Nepal

MELA - new school (not only) for Nepal

MELA is a construction project for schools in Nepal designed by the architectural association Meem Architecture.
Proposals had originated in 2009, when they succeeded in an international competition . MELA, replaces the existing model of schools in Nepal, which usually suffer from problems with heat, noise during rains, lack of daylight and the overall bleakness for children and teachers.
Innovative school design type: MELA
- Brings colours and playfulness to the school
- Open views of the countryside
- Brings a daylight wall and an open shade thanks to a long roof overhang
- Allows for an increase of capacity for larger numbers of students
- Resistant to earthquakes (the majority of Nepalese territory lies in an active seismic zone)

We appeal to traditional technologies which use local building materials. Thoughtful incorporation of improvements and qualities are critical (insect treatment of bamboo, protection of earthen structures against water) for increasing the life of the materials and construction; and therefore, among other things, serving to increase the confidence of the population in their own traditions and resources.
The project offers flexibility reflecting local conditions. It is processed and implemented under the supervision of architects who also ensure the development of the entire area around the school (landscaping, benches, stimulating playground elements).
MELA in Sanskrit means MEETING or A BIG EVENT. Therefore we create a place where children will love to go. A place that will encourage the whole community to spend free time together.
The design of the MELA type schools is based on the construction of a Bamboo school pilot project, which was implemented in Nepal's mountainous village of Anaikot (District Kabhre) in the spring of 2013. For more information about the project visit

The Mela School project by Meem Architecture is protected by international license under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - ShareAlike 4.0