Namaste Nepal

MELA # 2 - Mahadevtar

New school Rangeen Nepal Primary School in the village of Mahadevtar (महादेवटार), Kabhre district , Nepal. Officially opened on April 6, 2015.

Architectural processing for the project MELA had come from the association Meem Architecture.

The major share and effort on its funding is from Vitezslav Padevet , thanks to whom the cornerstone was laid already in autumn 2014.
The partner helping to fund this school project was All the Colours of Nepal.
Big thanks belongs to Eva Neumayerova  who was the construction coordinator.




06/2014 - First visit in Mahadevtar (facebook)
10-11 / 2014 - Photos from Martin (facebook)
11/2014 - The building site - the continuation of construction in Mahadevtar, photos from the coordinator Eva (facebook)
01/2015 - Photos from Guna (facebook)
02/2015 - February photo by Martina (facebook)
02/2015 - February photos from Filip Polach, Wildness Production (facebook)
04/06/2015 – Inauguration of school (facebook + facebook)