Namaste Nepal

ALL COLOURS OF NEPAL – a touring exhibition in Papírna in Cheb

03/10/2014 15:55

A touring exhibition of colourful photographs from Nepal called ALL COLOURS OF NEPAL can now be seen in Papírna in Cheb. Large format pictures are for sale and the profit will be used for the construction of another bamboo school in a remote and very poor area in Nepal.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on Friday 3rd October 2014 in the presence of the patron of the exhibition the duke Karel Schwarzenberg. During the opening ceremony people could taste Nepalese cuisine, listen to the presentation of Dr. Tomáš Beránek called WHAT´S THE LIFE IN NEPAL LIKE, watch a film by D. Svárovský THE LIFE OF A TAMANG or buy some Nepalese products in our NEPALESE SHOP.  The exhibition runs until 20th October 2014. For more information look here.